Lego Robot Problems & Solutions

    1. The computer won’t run the Mindstorms software.
      Answer: go to another computer.
    2. Mindstorms was working fine, but now it won’t recognize the robot.
      Answer: Close Mindstorms and open it again. If that doesn’t work, see number 1 above.
    3. We keep changing the program but the robot does the same thing.
      Answer: You are probably running someone else’s program.

      1. Make sure that you have named both your project and program properly. (See the back of your challenge sheet for instructions).
      2. Make sure you are downloading the program successfully.
      3. Then make sure you are going to the second tab on your robot’s screen and selecting your project and program from there.
    4. My partner isn’t here.
      Answer: please proceed without your partner. If they had saved your Mindstorms program under their user name, you need to start the challenge you’re working on from scratch.