Engineering Heroes Links

Below is a list of videos showing engineers and what they do. The videos are very short but there are a number of them to choose from. For each video, you’ll write what type of engineering the person shown in the video does. You should also include 2 – 3 skills that you think would be important to have in that job. Then rank how interesting the job is to you on a scale of 1 – 10.

There are a total of 26 engineers listed, but you do not have to watch and answer questions for all of them. You need to view the videos for at least 5 of the engineers listed below and answer the questions for those five videos. Click on this link for the sheet where you need you put your answers.

Blimps (Mark Caylao)

NASA: Erick Ordonez

Sandeep Yayathi, Robotics Engineer

Victoria Garcia, Aerospace Engineer

Tracy Drain, Flight Systems Engineer

Allison Bolinger, Flight Systems Engineer

Underwater Robot (Oceanographic Engineer Amy Kukulya)

Gigapan Camera (Leila Hasan)

Build Without Borders (Matt Sisul and Wil Cao)

NASA Toilet (Evan Thomas)

NERF Toys (Amanda Bligh)

Ice Cream (Pete Gosselin)

Race Car (Sarah Grenier)

Package Design (Jennifer Chua)

Submarine Sonar (Lt. Darrin Barber)

Eco Electronics (Erin Gately)

Mecha Sculpture (Greg Jones)

Swimming Robot (Anthony Westphal)

Penguin Habitat (Jennifer Nakayama)

Baseball Bats (Curtis Cruz and Becky O’Hara)

Go-Karts (Arie and Griffen Ouimet)

High Tech Tents (Connie Yang)

Roller Coasters (Chris Gray)

Spinal Implants – Naphysah Duncan

Snowboards (Scott Keller and Chris Fidler)

Artificial Liver (Dr. Howard Pryor)

Biodiesel Speedboat (Pete Bethune)