Tinkercad Catapult Design

1. Begin by logging in to Tinkercad. Either you or your partner can log in.

2. Create a new design, and use the shapes to create the different pieces of your catapult. By using the box and the cylinder you can create most of the parts you need. You can use the shape called “Ring” to make elastic bands.

3. You do NOT need to create any hardware such as hinges, binder clips, screws, nails, hooks and eyes, etc in your design. Concentrate on creating the wood pieces and elastic bands. You do not need to make an EXACT representation of your catapult, but do the best you can.

4. Please help each other out with any challenges you encounter. Check with a classmate if you are unsure of how to do something in Tinkercad.

5. When you are done, take at least 3 screenshots of your design. Rotate the catapult around (hold down the control key and drag with the mouse) to get different views.

6. Post the pictures of your design to the appropriate forum on Schoology. Answer the questions you find there.

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