Catapult Challenge

Step 1: Complete Catapult Design worksheet BY YOURSELF (NOT with a partner). You need to draw two designs, and pick one. Answer question 4 completely.

Step 2: Show your worksheet to Mr. Whipple.

Step 3: If you are done with your worksheet, you can put it in the black bin on the center table. If you choose to hang onto your worksheet, MAKE SURE you put it in the bin when you’re done so you can get a grade.

Step 4: Get together with your partner and choose ONE design. Create it in Tinkercad (using Firefox).

Step 5: Click here for detailed instructions on how to create your Tinkercad catapult design.

Step 6: After you post three screenshots of your design to Schoology, check in with Mr. Whipple. If your design is approved you will watch a tutorial video on Clamping and Drilling.

Step 7: Once I give you the OK, choose a shoebox, label it, and start gathering your materials.

This is how I will grade the construction and testing of your catapult:

If you hand in the Catapult Testing sheet AND your catapult fits in the shoebox, you earn an 80.

If you complete at least 1 trial (test), you earn a 90.

If you complete at least three tests, you earn a 100.