Name Tag Rubric

File posted and correctly named                                 20

Oval base dimensions
– Base of tag 5mm
– Dimensions 40mm wide and 80mm long or less

– OR –

Rectangle dimensions
– Base of tag 5mm
– Dimensions 35mm x 75mm or less

(total base dimension points)                                      40

Other Dimensions
– Letters 2 mm above base
– Hole 7mm in diameter (the hole is optional)                    20

No extra objects on work plane                                   20

Letters aligned and evenly spaced                              10

Total points possible                                                   100

– You can add other items/shapes to your name tags as long as they are no more than 2mm above the base of the name tag.
– If you would like you may make the letters recessed into the base rather than having them rise above the base. You’ll need to figure that out on your own!