5. Catapult Design

Essential Questions

What designs have others used for building small catapults?

How can I create an electronic version of my catapult design?


SWBAT create two different designs for their catapult

SWBAT draw their chosen catapult design in Tinkercad

SWBAT take three screen shots of their Tinkercad design from different angles and post those to Schoology.


  1. You will receive a double-sided worksheet to guide you in your catapult research and design. Make sure you put your name on the sheet.
  2. You should start by doing some research on catapult construction. Use the links on this page on my blog rather than just Googling “catapult.” If you search the Internet you will come up with many designs that will not be appropriate for this project.
  3. Get together with your catapult partner (if you are working with one) and decide which design you want to use.
  4. Next, log into Tinkercad. Either you or your partner can log in.
  5. There is a page on this blog called Catapult Tinkercad Design with the instructions for creating your catapult design in Tinkercad.
  6. The last few steps of those instructions have you taking screen shots of your Tinkercad design, posting them to Schoology and then answering several questions there.
  7. Before you start building, you need to watch this tutorial video about working in the shop then check with me.
  8. Then I’ll let you choose a shoebox, label it and gather small parts (NO HOARDING!).