Stykz Animated Video

You are going to create a 60 second Stykz animation. Here is the process and the rules:

1. DO NOT start creating your Stykz video until you’ve posted your a summary of your video to Schoology. Read ALL of the directions before you start. Once you have posted your summary you may proceed to working on Stykz (see step 4).

2. You may work with one other student on this project. You may NOT work as a group of three or more. Only one or two students per animated video.

3. Think about the video you want to create. You need to tell a story. It may not contain violence or weapons.

4. Write down the story you want to tell and post it to the correct forum in Schoology.  There is a discussion forum called “Description of your Styz video.” It should be written as if it was an assignment for ELA: complete sentences, proper punctuation, proper spelling and capitalization. Minimum 50 words.

5. Create your Stykz video. Your animation should be very smooth. Each frame or group of frames should say something to the viewer. Don’t fill time with nonsense.

6. When you complete your animation, export it as an .mov file and post it to Schoology. DO NOT post a .styk file.

7. The video is due on our first day of class after I return from the DC Trip.

8. A summary of this project and troubleshooting suggestions can be found here.


Catapult Design Challenge

Essential Questions

What designs have others used for building small catapults?

How can I create an electronic version of my catapult design?


SWBAT draw their catapult design in Tinkercad

SWBAT take three screen shots of their Tinkercad design from different angles and post those to Schoology.


You will be designing and building a small catapult.

First, you’ll be completing a worksheet (ON YOUR OWN) and showing it to me.

Then, you can get with a partner and create your catapult design in Tinkercad.

You will need to show your design to me. After I approve it, we will begin construction.


Lego EV3 Challenges

Essential Questions

What is a Lego EV3 Mindstorms kit?
How can I program the motors to control the robot?


Students will learn about the Lego EV3 robots by watching several tutorial videos about programming them

SWBAT program a Lego EV3 robot to complete several challenges


  1. To begin the Lego EV3 challenges please watch only the first three tutorial videos on this site if you have not already. I created them to provide you with the information you need for the first challenge. Click here for the page with the videos.
  2. When you are done you may:
    1. Get together with a partner
    2. Get a Lego EV3 Challenges worksheet and fill out the top part
    3. Take a robot from the cabinet
    4. Try to program it for the first challenge
  3. Note: if you run into problems check to see who else in the class is familiar with Lego EV3 robots. There is also a page on this blog you can check called Lego Robot Problems & Solutions. Be sure to check that out.
  4. If I am not able to check your robot when you finish a challenge, you should begin working on the next challenge.


Essential Questions

How does the 3D Printer work?

How do I design an object that can be printed on the 3D printer?


SWBAT to create an account on the site

SWBAT complete several tutorials on how to use TinkerCAD


  1. First If you haven’t already, you need to create a name tag for your computer with this templateStart by making a copy of the document. Make sure it follows my rules:
    1. Include your name and section. Capitalize the first letter of your first and last name
    2. The box around your name MUST stay the same size.
    3. Dark color font (only one color)
    4. Use a font that’s not scripty
    5. No pictures
    6. Use Upper and Lower Case.
    7. No background colors or shadows
  2. You should print them to “Papercut_SMS_Lab_103.” I will show you how to fold them.
  3. You need to sign up for TinkerCAD. This is a program that will allow everyone to print something on the 3D printer. Go to and click Sign Up for Free Account. First read the detailed instructions at the top of this page. Once you have signed in, go through the tutorials – they are pretty short, but they’ll give you an idea of how the tool works.

1. Introduction

Welcome to Engineering and Design!

Essential Questions

What will we learn in this course?

What do I need to do in order to be successful in Engineering & Design?


SWBAT explain what will be covered in this course

SWBAT explain what they need to do to be successful in this course.


Here is where I will post the objectives and agenda for each class.

Here is the Computer Name Tag template.